September FIESTA Time...JOIN THEM
     And Feel the passionate pulse of SPAIN.!!

While holidaying in Spain, you cannot help but notice the Spaniards' infectious enthusiasm for life. There is always something happening - in bars and clubs and on the streets and September is.FIESTA time.

The local fiesta is the moment when every body strives to put on a splendid show.

Folk life is for-real during the fiesta season, and the country throbs with music of every kind - from the drama of flamenco to the haunting fado melodies, Jazz, Modern, Flamenco and Classical music, and gaitas (bagpipes) of the northwest.

You can pamper your taste buds with full-bodied wines, succulent seafood, terrific tapas, and heavenly paella.

Apart from festive mood, if you are the kind who loves to travel around then there are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore, as well as some spectacularly rugged stretches of coast between the beaches. So get going!

Scramble up the ramparts of ancient buildings, from Roman aqueducts, Islamic palaces to Gothic cathedrals.

Spain's Diversity is immense. Don't miss out theses places.


One of the most lively and exciting cities of the western Mediterranean seaboard, offers all kinds of performances, plays, spectacles, and shows all through the year. Theatres, circus, dance, operas, and many other activities keep the city lively ensuring world cultural focus, with an emphasis on cultural diversity, solidarity, and peace.

Balearic Islands

Floating in the Mediterranean between Spain and the North African coast, the Balearic Islands are visited every summer by a massive force of wild party animals and sun seekers. You can enjoy the marvelous beaches, radiant sunshine, good food, and vibrant nightlife with foot tapping music making you soar all night.

San Sebastian

is simply amazing. Called the ritzy resort for wealthy Spaniards, those who wish to get away from the normal hordes can head to Spending a few days on the tantalizing beaches and a few evenings savoring the city's sumptuous tapas and indulging to nonstop nightlife, you are sure to entice yourself for another holiday.


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