The full name for Britain is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain comprises England, Wales, and Scotland.

Great Britain
has a delightful mix of parks, palaces, and promenades, along with some of the greatest cultural offerings on the planet a for visitors to explore from the peace of the countryside to the flurry vibrant cities, from sport to shopping, from heritage to music, fashion, and film, Britain has something to offer everyone. Guesthouses, inns, and holiday centers ensure that Britain can offer accommodation to suit every flavor and budget.

British people
are great socialites. The local public house, or pub, serves alcoholic beverages and is an important gathering place, particularly for the working class. Politeness is a trait of British society, and shouting is regarded as rude.

British cuisines
include scrumptiously prepared vegetables and fried foods. The famous British specialties are roast beef with Yorkshire pudding (a type of popover baked in meat drippings); shepherd’s pie, made with minced lamb and mashed potatoes; and scones served with thick, clotted cream. Other favorite foods include fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, Cornish pasties, Welsh rarebit, kippers (salted and smoked herring or salmon), and, in Scotland, haggis (stuffed sheep’s stomach).

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